How to Select the Best Tub for Your Bathroom?

Planning to give your bathroom a makeover? Whether you just wish to add a simple upgrade or want a total bathroom overhaul – a new and functional bathtub can be one of your priorities. It can set the design scheme of your bathroom and create an excellent spot for relaxation. However, choosing the right tub for your bathroom should not be lightly taken. Determining what bathtub to purchase may require a lot of planning, decision-making and considerations.

At Townsville Bathroom Renovations, we understand that home improvement projects may seem daunting, especially for first-time homeowners. Choosing the right bathtub can be a bit confusing for some, but once this project is properly executed, it will yield a high return on investment in the long run. Let our team help you kickstart your plan to find the best bathtub for your bathroom. Check out the essential aspects you have to keep in mind before you make a final decision.


Define the budget you can allocate for your bathtub. We advise our clients to write down a budget range instead of writing a single amount. Through this, you will be able to estimate not just the budget for the tub, but also the cost of installation and other additional fixtures you may need, such as a tub spout, faucet handles or drain.

Whether you have a flexible or fixed budget for the project, it is essential to do your research before deciding on your budget range. Browse various shops online for you to find out the realistic prices for the fixtures you will need. After that, we also recommend adding an extra 10% to your final budget range to create some room for unexpected expenses.


Bathtubs come in a myriad of styles. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the bathtub you plan to buy. You also have to check if it is an ideal choice for the bathroom’s design and functionality. Picking the right tub may be confusing but always consider the style that will fit the available space in your bathroom. You can also try to visit showrooms to check the appearance of the tub up close. Here are some of the most sought-after tub styles in the market.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Clawfoot Bathtubs

Oval Bathtubs

Alcove Tubs

Corner Tubs

Undermount/Drop-in Bathtubs

Soaking Bathtubs


Aside from different styles, bathtubs are also available in a variety of materials to suit all budgets and preferences. The tub material is an important consideration for the comfort of its users. Here’ some of the most common tub materials.



Enamelled Cast Iron



Natural Stone



What do you think is the right bathtub size for you and your bathroom? Knowing the bathtub size that will suit your requirements is vital. You can save more time and money by purchasing the right size because you will no longer have to install additional support or change the layout of your bathroom. Note the measurements of the available space in your bathroom and check if your preferred bathtub’s size will conveniently fit in that area.


Along with the bathtub’s size, you also have to check its weight. This factor can help determine where you can best place the bathtub. If the bathtub is too heavy, there can be a chance that the floor and foundation of your bathroom will not be able to support it, especially if it is already filled with water. Bathtubs made of copper, natural stone and cast iron are usually heavy, so reinforcing the floors or adding additional support in your bathroom is recommended. Through this, your bathroom will still be able to handle the weight of your tub.


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