Top Sink Choices For Your Bathroom

One of the most used rooms in a property is the bathroom. Because of this, bathroom spaces can be prone to wear and tear over time and require renovation. A bathroom renovation provides plenty of options in terms of design. Whether it be the theme of the space to the type of features it will have, there is no shortage of choices for a bathroom renovation. Among the different options available, one fixture that has considerations during a renovation is the sink. The sink may not seem much on its own, but multiple choices come with it.

Options for Bathroom Sinks

Choosing a bathroom sink comes with numerous options in terms of style and material. If you find yourself unsure of what kind of bathroom sink would work best for your bathroom, there are different considerations to remember. These include the size and shape of the sink, plus how it will affect the space. Depending on what kind of bathroom you have, there are different sink options that you can select. Some of the top choices you can choose from can include the following:

Top-Mount Sink

Otherwise known as drop-in sinks, top-mount sinks are a sink type designed to sit on top of the counter and feature a rim or lip that rests on the countertop. Considered often for how easy they are to install, top-mount sinks are suitable for most countertop materials, including wood and laminate. Since this sink type fits right into the pre-cut hole on most vanities and has a lesser risk of being water-damaged, it is best for elegant or minimalist themed bathrooms. Unfortunately, a top-mount sink can lead to water or spills pooling on the counter.

Undermount Sinks

An Undermount sink is ideal for busy households but can be a process to install. What makes it a process is because an Undermount sink sits under the countertop and requires an attachment from underneath. The way to do this is to have a hole custom cut into the counter to fit the sink. While it may take some time to install, an Undermount sink is easy to clean and creates a seamless, clean look.

Pedestal Sink

This kind of sink is freestanding and holds two pieces: the basin at the top and the column underneath. It works best for bathrooms that require less storage or are small in design. What makes a pedestal sink a top choice is how it provides a slim and graceful profile and works great in concealing pipework. As beneficial as this type of sink can be for classically themed bathrooms, its limited storage can cause it to be hard to clean around.

Vessel Sink

A vessel sink type is a sink type that generally sits on top of the countertop and has a bowl-shaped design. However, some models sit partially below the counter. It is considered one of the bolder options for your bathroom and creates a statement. Due to its height and how it sits on the counter, a vessel sink needs careful planning for its installation. What’s more, it can be tricky to clean around the base.

Semi-recessed Sink

Are you looking for a sink that provides space for cabinets in a space-limited bathroom? Then a semi-recessed sink is what you need. This sink type sits on the front of countertops providing shallower cabinets. In addition to providing convenient storage, this type of sink allows you to get closer to the faucet without any obstruction. On the other hand, the underneath storage is limited, and the sink design can lead to spills.

Why Have Townsville Bathroom Renovations Install Your Sink

There are different types of sinks that work for different bathroom designs. Depending on what you are aiming for with your bathroom style, you can choose from multiple options. To ensure you end with a quality sink in your bathroom, you will want a professional service group to install it. For a professional service group that can provide quality options and hassle-free service, you will want to hire Townsville Bathroom Renovations. With Townsville Bathroom Renovations, you can gain a team of experienced professionals that can help determine what kind of sink would work best for your bathroom.


A bathroom sink may not seem like much by itself, but as a fixture of the bathroom, it can be a feature to accentuate the overall style of the space. Whether you have a large or small bathroom, there are different types of sinks that you can choose to bring out the room. Some of the top options you can choose from including a top-mount sink, a vessel sink, and a pedestal sink. Each one with different pros and cons for your bathroom. Whatever you choose for your bathroom, many pointers can help determine the best fit.


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