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bathroom design plan

Start with a plan

Planning is a vital part of any successful bathroom design process. A bathroom design plan would include the following;
layout, materials and finishes, lighting, fixtures and accessories.
The plan helps you to visualise the whole project from start to finish. It’s also the first step for costing out your desired design elements.
Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to choose the materials and finishes that will bring your bathroom vision to life.

Choose the right colour palette for your bathroom

A bathroom design process needs a colour palate to combine all elements. The colour palate will determine the atmosphere and overall feel of your bathroom.
Modern colour palettes entail relaxed, calming, natural shades like blue, green, and beige. These are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can opt for bolder hues like red, orange or yellow to make your bathroom look more vibrant and stimulating.
On the other hand, traditional colour palettes often include warm earthy tones such as brown and grey, paired with classic whites and deeper blues. These colours evoke a timeless style that is perfect for a traditional bathroom.
Regardless of the colour palette you choose, use muted shades that complement each other. Too many bold colours in one room can overwhelm your space.

Add some luxurious touches with decorative items

Bathroom designs should also bring a luxurious element to the room. Invest in quality, stylish towel racks, soap dishes, and a statement bathtub or shower. Consider using luxurious materials such as marble, granite or copper for your countertops and flooring.
The decorative touches should complement the overall look of your traditional bathroom. For example, if you opt for a classic style, use pieces with ornate detailing to add an elegant touch. Choose simple and sleek pieces like glass shelves or metal lighting fixtures if your style is more modern.

black and wood bathroom design
bathroom with bathtub ans sink

Install storage solutions like cabinets and shelves

Recently, most bathroom designs majored in storage, too. Therefore, you can add exciting storage solutions to your traditional space by utilising storage pieces such as baskets, cabinets and shelves that feature detailed woodwork or accents of metal and brass.
If you have limited space in the bathroom, storage solutions such as towel racks and shower caddies are essential. Wall-mounted metal shelves can also create extra storage space, or you may want to add a free-standing cabinet with doors for an attractive option.

Invest in quality fixtures

The fixtures should be of high quality, as they are usually the room’s centrepiece and may be expensive to replace.
Showerhead designs have come a long way, so consider a rain showerhead, handheld showerhead or even one with LED lights for a more modern look.
Sinks have become more stylish than ever, with various styles and features. From under-mount sinks to vessel sinks, there are many options to consider. Choose a sink that is easy to clean and fits your bathroom style for a timeless look.

Ensure your design is safe

Safety is of critical concern and should not be overlooked. Adding grab bars around the bathtub, shower or toilet area can help prevent slips and falls and provide extra assistance when getting up from sitting or standing positions. Non-slip mats are also an excellent idea for adding additional safety to your bathroom design.

simple bathroom with shower

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