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Townsville Bathroom Renovations Excel has been providing exceptional service and quality results to customers in the area. We specialise in custom ensuite bathroom renovations explicitly tailored to our client’s needs so that you can create your unique style and design. From modern and contemporary designs to traditional styling, renovation professionals at Townsville Bathroom Renovations Excel will help bring your vision to life.
Our experienced technicians craft only the highest-quality fixtures to meet even the most ambitious aesthetic goals; plus, we have plumbing, tiling and more expertise throughout the remodelling process.
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Decide on the room layout

Ensuite bathrooms need to be functional and well-organised. Consider the most efficient use of space, from storage solutions to shower stalls.
There are different layouts to choose from: the traditional ensuite bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub; the modern ensuite bathroom with a shower area instead of a tub; or custom-made layouts that combine both.

Create a budget for your project and make sure to stick to it

A budget is one of the essential aspects of a successful renovation. When planning your ensuite bathroom, decide how much you are willing to spend and stick to it.
Consider the materials you’ll need, such as tiles, fixtures, cabinetry and lighting, and costs associated with labour and installation.
Ensuite bathrooms can often cost more than a standard bathroom due to the need for custom-made features that fit your specific space. Cut costs by investing in lower-end materials or opting for pre-fabricated components if necessary.

Consider what materials, fixtures, and accessories you'll need for the job

Materials come in various shapes and sizes, so choose the right one for your space. Popular materials used in ensuite bathrooms include ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, and glass.
Also, think about what type of fixtures you’ll need in the bathroom, such as toilets, showers, bathtub or sink. Ensure all these are made from durable materials that can withstand moisture and temperature.
Regarding accessories, you should look for items that enhance your space’s overall aesthetic and functionality. Standard accessories include towel racks, shelves, storage cabinets, mirrors, lighting fixtures, tissue holders and more.
Finally, remember the essential elements that make your bathroom safe and comfortable. These include taps, faucets, plumbing fixtures and bath mats. Choose these items with the utmost care, as they can add or detract from your bathroom’s overall style and feel.

beautiful en suite bathroom with marble bathtub and wooden floors
small stylish en suite bathroom with special accessories

Wall coverings and flooring

Ensuite bathrooms need to be well-lit, and there are several options for lighting. Wall sconces, pendant lights, recessed or track lighting, or a combination of all three can be used depending on the size and design of your bathroom.
However, natural light is the best source of illumination. Make sure your windows are clean and clear to maximise sunlight and consider adding a skylight if you don’t already have one.
Use light-coloured tiles or smooth stone finishes on floors and walls to make your bathroom appear larger. In addition, mirrors can help create an illusion of space by reflecting light and making a room appear brighter. Finally, dimmers are a great way to customise the lighting in your bathroom; you can adjust it depending on your mood or the time of day.

Hire a qualified contractor who specialises in ensuite bathroom renovations

Ensuite bathroom renovations are not a DIY job. A professional can help ensure the renovation project is completed safely and correctly.
It’s vital to hire a qualified contractor for any plumbing or electrical work that needs to be done. When hiring a bathroom renovation company, ensure the contractor is experienced and insured. Enquire whether they have experience working with ensuite bathrooms and any relevant certifications or qualifications.

Choose amenities you'd like to add

Amenities such as a bathtub, shower or bidet can make an ensuite bathroom even more luxurious. For bathtubs, you can choose from a free-standing tub, a drop-in tub or a combination of both. You can also select between materials such as acrylic, tile and enamelled cast iron to find the perfect look for your bathroom.
For showers, you can opt for a stand-alone shower system or an all-in-one wet room solution. Consider whether you would like a walk-in shower, a mixer shower or an electric shower to find the best option for your bathroom.

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