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The Most Complete Bathroom Renovation Solutions In Townsville

Our team offers a wide range of top-notch bathroom design, renovation, and maintenance services at a competitive rate.

The first room guests will walk in to when they visit your house is the bathroom. A remodeling project might be necessary, such as after years have gone by or from some damage that’s happened over time. There are many reasons for doing a remodeling project and different motivations behind them: whether it is an improvement on what you already have or adding more value with new features like full-size showers.

Townsville Bathroom Renovations are the specialists in Townsville when it comes to bathroom renovations. They have an experienced team and work with projects of all shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed a good project from them!

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the happy customers leave after they’ve seen their finished product come alive before them. We provide high-quality workmanship no matter how big or small the project maybe because we want to make sure that every corner of your bathroom is touched and renovated with care, even if it means you’ll have a better space in less time for an affordable price! Get us started by requesting a FREE quote today at (07) 4804 1050 so our team can get out there as soon as possible.


The BAThroom renovations Townsville difference

We have over ten years of experience in the bathroom renovation business, so we know what it takes to make sure your space looks amazing without costing too much. We are committed to providing you with a cost-effective and efficient package that will leave you satisfied!


We guarantee our builders and bathroom renovation professionals are the best in their field. They have undergone extensive training and then passed a rigorous licensing test to be sure they know what’s going on up there (and down here!).


You’ll never have to worry about the quality or longevity of your work with us. You can be confident that we’re committed to upholding high standards and delivering only top-quality, cost effective projects for you.


We’ll take care of your needs, no matter how big or small the job. We’ve built a reputation for delivering outstanding results that always satisfy our customers — big and small alike.


Our team of specialists is experienced with all aspects of bathrooms - from installing a toilet to designing and remodelling the shower. Our one-stop shop can provide you excellent service for any bathroom need on your list.

bespoke bathrooms

Bathroom renovations are a fun and creative way to make your old bathroom feel new again. You can choose from many different styles, decide on how much you want to spend, then get imaginative with what it could be! It’s amazing the things that go through our minds when we’re deciding on an update for this small space in the house; think about all of those possibilities before throwing out something great because it doesn’t seem practical at first glance.

en suite

If you’re constantly feeling cramped when using your en suite bathroom, we can help! We know that sometimes the space is just too small and will give us a call. Our professionals have over 15 years of experience designing bathrooms in any size – no matter how big or small they are. With our design expertise, we’ll make sure to maximize the useable floor area so it feels more spacious for those with limited mobility as well as provide an attractive look through quality finishes.

bathroom tiling

Our Townsville bathroom experts offer a wide range of tile installation, repair and replacement services that will transform your space. Whether you need help with hardwood flooring or tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms, our specialists have extensive experience installing different types such as natural stone, ceramic and porcelain. They even specialize in waterproof floors to suit all budgets!

Kind Words From Our Clients

Bespoke Bathrooms in Townsville

We pride ourselves with our design-centric and durable bathroom solutions from designing up to maintenance.

Being one of the rooms that face the most traffic on your property, there are different points to consider when it comes to refurbishing a space like a bespoke bathroom. In determining what kind of style you would like for this space, you can either go for something stylish and functional as a space to relax in or you can add a touch of luxury to it. Whatever concept you decide to go for, having a professional service can help ensure that the space is maximized while meeting your design specifications. 

Bathroom renovation is a process that encompasses reorganising your bathroom layout, adding extra features and changing the fittings/fixtures in your bathroom. With many years of experience in the field with top-quality services at affordable rates, Bathroom Renovation Darwin will deliver their expertise to renovate bathrooms for you. The main bathrooms use are often used spaces within one’s home; hence they should be maintained so as to enhance their feel or look great! We provide all sorts of services such as tiling shower repairs on budget which means there’s nothing we can’t do if you’re looking for an inexpensive option.

The main bathroom in a home is undoubtedly the most used space. Fortunately, our team of professionals are here to transform these spaces into something you will love! We offer services like tiling and shower repairs as well as flooring ervices so that every aspect of your renovation has been transformed for an enjoyable experience.

With such great variety available when it comes to designing bathrooms, there’s no end-point where everybody agrees on what looks best – which means this area can be tailored specifically towards its user needs. You could go with colourful towels or perhaps sticking with neutral colours if you’re not interested; either way we’ll make sure everything about your new bathroom feels perfect from start (and finish).

Beautiful neutral toned bathroom design | Townsville Bathroom Renovations
Luxurious and white bathroom in contemporary style | Townsville Bathroom Renovations
dark brown contemporary bathroom design | Townsville Bathroom Renovations

We Are Experienced Home Renovators

Renovating a bathroom is an exciting and complex process. Bathroom renovators and builders are often given the task of constructing one or two particular designs that their company offers, which streamlines the building process for these core bathrooms and ensuites. The materials, tradespeople, and scheduling have all been worked out ahead of time to maximize efficiency. Renovating an existing property presents different challenges than those found in new-home builds because renovators must consider style factors such as architectural features like siding material and roofing styles when making decisions about exterior design elements.

For more than 15 years, the Bathroom Renovation Townsville team has been building projects that have become homes. From tear-downs to additions and renovations of any size or complexity, we understand what it takes to be your partner in progress. We know our job well because when you’re renovating a bathroom with us by your side – from start to finish – everything goes smoothly without unexpected issues coming up along the way.

There are many factors to consider when designing a bathroom. You want it to be functional, practical and of course, aesthetically pleasing if possible too! How much you’re willing to spend on your new space is an important one because we all know that kitchens tend to cost more than other rooms in the house. For example, typically larger or more complicated bathrooms will come with higher labour costs for us designers so as such might not always work out cheaper over time but instead may end up being worth the investment.

Bathrooms can be tricky spaces to design, but they are necessary. If you do not have clear plans for what type of bathroom space is the best fit for your home, it’s worth considering hiring an architect or designer who will help make decisions based on both utilitarian and aesthetic concerns in order to give you a more successful result that maximizes every possible square inch.

One of the most important aspects of construction is making sure things are done right. The bathroom, in particular, poses a lot of dangers such as electricity from wires, water that can lead to slips and falls or even death if it makes contact with certain metals like metal pipes for example. In these cases obtaining permits guarantees, you have someone qualified to do your work who knows how best to protect themselves as well as visitors coming through by going over all safety protocols before they start any work on-site which could be dangerous without them – especially in bathrooms where there’s always more likelihood for risk due time spent inside alone because we often spend so much longer than normal cleaning up after ourselves when using this room specifically but also just choosing what products and tools that need to be used too.

Building codes have the power to determine how much time and money you’re going to have invested in your building project. Architects, engineers, designers – they all design buildings with a specific climate in mind so this is why we need strict regulations on what can be used for certain areas of construction like concrete or plumbing work because it will affect not just these industries but also people living inside them as well!

One last thing I want you guys to know about too – don’t ever cut corners when renovating an entire house or adding another story onto one either; that’s where mistakes are more likely made and worth investing some extra coin into at first instead if possible!

Classic bathroom with brown tiles and corner tub | Townsville Bathroom Renovations
baroque inspired white marble bathroom | Townsville Bathroom Renovations
Modern bathroom with glass shower enclosure | Townsville Bathroom Renovations

Ensuite Design in Townsville

Our team specialises in creative, luxurious, and long-lasting ensuite designs.

When considering what rooms you may want to have renovated in your property, you will find that an en suite can offer different features. Being a room that offers both style and practicality as a space attached to the bedroom, a renovation can help maximize it. What’s more, you’ll find that when you select a professional service to work on this project, there are different benefits to be had as well. If you choose to have Townsville Bathroom Renovations work on your en suite, you can be assured of experienced professionals that will deliver a hassle-free process. 

Bathroom Renovations Townsville is the place to go if you want a beautiful en suite with space enough for your needs. Our team of designers will customize every aspect so that it’s perfect – from adding windows or mirrors and countertops, all in order to make each time of day as comfortable as possible. They’ll walk through everything step by step until there isn’t anything left but perfection!

We understand that a beautiful ensuite is not only designed to meet your needs, but also the style and feel of the rest of your home. We offer custom-fit renovations so you can be sure it will match seamlessly with any colour scheme in mind! Let our experienced designers help guide you through selecting finishes from top quality suppliers as well as hi-tech construction equipment for speedy turnarounds without sacrificing quality – all within very competitive prices, too!

Comprehensive On-Site Consultation

We meet up with you to learn about your bathroom and ask lots of questions. This way we can design a space which gives the best value for money, based on what would be most useful in it. For example: does this need grabrails for elderly people? Is there going to be any children using it who might want a bathtub or shower instead? Would anyone else need easy access from their bedroom into the bathroom so that they don’t have extra steps when getting out of bed at night time? Other questions we ask include:

  • What’s your budget? This question helps me get a happy medium between what you want and what you can afford.

  • Have you chosen tiles and bathroom fixtures yet?
  • Do you need a temporary bathroom during the renovations?
  • Do you want to use your own tradesmen, or would you prefer for us to do all the heavy lifting?

With all these questions, we will be able to tailor a quotation that is fair for both you and us. Call us today to start the process!


We're eager to help you with your bathroom needs. Our experts have decades of experience in this industry, and we use three phases that will guarantee a high-quality outcome for any project.


Our in-home design service takes the stress out of designing your home. Get all of your questions answered, and let us come to you!


From custom layouts to paint colour selection, our team of experts can help you with the design process. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your design needs and offer expert advice on plumbing fittings for your new bathroom space.


You will be emailed a quotation within seven days of sending your project details. Once you accept and sign off on that quote, we can set the ball rolling to get this fruitful project started!


From custom layouts to paint colour selection, our team of experts can help you with the design process. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your design needs and offer expert advice on plumbing fittings for your new bathroom space.


From custom layouts to paint colour selection, our team of experts can help you with the design process. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your design needs and offer expert advice on plumbing fittings for your new bathroom space.


Experts will turn your old, beat-up bathrooms into a safe haven that you can explore all the different ways of renovating. They’ll take down anything that needs to be demolished and replace it with new things! The team is ready for any challenge they might face – whether its demolition or construction preparation.


Once all the preparatory work is done, our team of professional builders from Cairns Bathroom Renovations will start to implement the agreed bathroom renovation strategies and designs.


Our team of specialists will install a membrane that guarantees your bathroom is watertight. You’ll be able to shower and bathe with peace of mind knowing you have the best protection for any leakage incidents, so join us today!


We have a team of professionals that will come out to your home and clean up the bathroom place while you are away. They’ll also make sure everything is in order for when they leave, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning after we’re gone!


The cost of a bathroom remodel ranges from $15,000 to 40,000. The price depends on where you are located and the size/designs that you want for your room. But don’t worry—this is an investment worth making!

A well designed bathroom is an excellent way to make your home more attractive and sell it quicker. A good design can only take a house so far, but updating the kitchen or bath before you sell it will knock that last point off of what might have been holding someone back from buying!

A bathroom renovation is a big undertaking with lots of factors involved; it could take only 2 or 3 weekdays and end up taking as long as 27 days if there’s any weekend work going into it.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your next remodel, consider some inexpensive alternatives. You could use paint instead of drywall and vinyl flooring in place of wooden planks for the bathroom!

There’s no denying that bathrooms need a sufficient amount of light to illuminate the entire room, but this short answer isn’t the end of story. While your main source can be soft and provide illumination – as long as you bolster its effect with some bright secondary lights like overhead or recessed lighting in one corner – different areas require different levels of brightness for best results. For example, over-the-counter task areas such as sinks might benefit from strong lighting while vanity mirrors will do better under dimmer glow because they’re used more often than other tasks so it’s important not to strain them too much by exposing their reflective surface directly into an intense beam or excessively shiny reflection created within windows elsewhere on walls if possible.

One of the most common questions about remodeling your bathroom is how to prepare for it. There are a number ways in which you can do this, but one way might be by removing any loose items from the room – including towels, soap dispensers and shower curtains – before work begins. Though these pieces belong elsewhere in your home not being there will protect them during construction so they’re safe when everything’s completed!

Coming up with what projects need prepping? It’s good practice as long as you know where things go after that or have someplace temporary for them all while doing renovations. In addition, make sure that what cannot be decluttered is protected. For example, if there are pieces of furniture inside or very close to the bathroom you can cover them with a cloth or plastic sheet to prevent dust from collecting on their surfaces. Home improvements might not sound like they would be good for your pets but in reality it will help keep them calm and happy during project noise by creating an area just for them away from any such disturbances within the house!